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I have been freelancing at Gousto 4 days a week since January 2022. I love getting familiar with a brand and working in-house is a passion of mine. When you know and understand a company it helps with the creative response. I have worked on a wide variety of projects from digital campaigns, direct mail, packaging and ATL campaigns.

Social campaign

Instagram post. Animation credit: Dan Silverstone

1664 5for2 insta stories_1.jpg
1664 5for2 insta stories_2.jpg
1664 5for2 insta stories_3.jpg
1664 5for2 insta stories_4.jpg
1664 5for2 insta stories_5.jpg
1664 5for2 insta stories_6.jpg
1664 5for2 insta stories_7.jpg

Instagram Stories


1559_MayResurrection22_LandingPage_Desktop copy.jpg
1559_MayResurrection22_LandingPage_Mobile copy.jpg

in box give away

1615_Candy Kitten gift_Flyer A5_HIRES TO PRINT-1.jpg
1615_Candy Kitten gift_Flyer A5_HIRES TO PRINT-2.jpg
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